Bluetooth Headphones nuraphone by nura Wireless Headphones with Microphones that Automatically Learn and Adapt to Your Unique Hearing. Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds.

  • There are no perfect headphones… Only headphones that are perfectly matched to you. The nuraphone automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing.
  • Combined ear-cup with ear-bud for deepest bass you feel on your skin and clearest tones delivered to your eardrum
  • CES 2018 Best of Innovation. 2018 Red Dot, Best of the Best Award…
  • Wireless Bluetooth® with aptX-HD (with wired option). 20 hour battery life. Six microphones for voice call support.
  • “One thing is for certain: in personalized mode, nuraphones sound better than any headphones I’ve ever used.” – FACT Magazine

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The first time you put on your nuraphones, they play a range of tones. As the soundwaves enter your ear, they trigger a chain reaction: sending electrical impulses off to your brain, but also generating a returning signal called the Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). This tiny signal originates in the cochlea and vibrates the ear drum, turning it into a speaker and playing sound back out of your ear. This returning sound is about 10,000 times smaller than the one that went in.

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Encoded in the returning signal is your unique hearing signature. The nuraphone uses an extremely sensitive microphone to detect this returning soundwave and a self-learning engine to create your hearing profile #WhatsYourSound All this happens automatically in about a minute.

Once the nuraphone has created your hearing profile, it adapts to match to your hearing system, delivering the full detail of the music you love. Your profile is stored in the nuraphone itself allowing you to connect to and hear stunning clarity from any device.

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Did you know we all hear differently?

If you asked us to make you the perfect headphones, we would start by measuring your hearing. That’s because we all hear differently, and this difference is far greater than you might think.

The world’s first headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing

At its core is a self-learning engine built into the nuraphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. Hear your favourite music for the first time.

  • Automatically learns your hearing in about a minute
  • Creates your unique hearing profile
  • Adapts its sound system to match your hearing system

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Award winning

  • CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award
  • Red Dot 2018 Best of the Best Award
  • “Do you hear what I hear? Nope. And these headphones adapt for that… impeccably” — Digital Trends
  • “nuraphones are the best headphones any of us have ever heard” — New Atlas
  • “The nuraphones are something to be cherished… The effect is almost magic.” — BBC
  • “one thing is for certain: in personalized mode, nuraphones sound better than any headphones I’ve ever used.” — FACT Magazine
  • “quite simply the most technologically advanced headphone on the market to date.” — Architectural Digest

You don’t just hear music you feel music.

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